Mentor, Advisor, Product Marketing Leader


Companies that have benefited from adopting my product marketing strategies and tactics resulting in excelerated revenue growth
Go to Keurig


Defined and Launched direct to consumer e-commerce experience for Keurig’s entry into the home consumer market. Keurig went on to generate over $1 Billion in revenue through the home consumer market.

Go to keds


Conceived and launched the first mass customization of consumer shoe products online that went far beyond the state of the art in the industry at that time. Open Innovation News covered the advancements in mass-customization the product resulted in.

Go to compete


Lead commercialization of from being a cost center to contributing over 40% of overall revenue for Compete. became an industry leading SaaS web analytics resource, used by over 100,000 digital marketing professionals.

Go to millennial media

millennial media

Established the global product marketing organization, including leading the go to market strategy to transition from a single offering to a vertical, customer focused offering that included establishing Millennial Media as a leader vertical markets.

Building and Scaling product marketing in high growth companies
Strategic Product Marketing for high growth companies

Product marketing 'grower'. I help companies that have reached a certain stage of growth of customers, revenue or number of employees. A need arrises for a more formalized product marketing function to be established and scaled to accelerate revenue growth.

A product marketing 'grower' is unusual in that they posses product management, product marketing and business management skills/experience. They provide strategic direction and are tactically involved in execution.

I have successfully applied my 'grower' product marketing skills to both D2C and B2B companies. For each unique organization I define, launch, optimize and measure product marketing results. I have a passion for product marketing and helping organizations of a certain size realize their next stage.

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